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EGCast: Episode 3

by on 28/04/2013

Listen to our third episode of EGCast [Arabic - 25/04/2013].


  • Latest news:
  1. Monster Hunter Online (From Beginning).
  2. Heavenly Sword CG Movie & Beyond Scripts (08:20).
  3. PES 2014 (13:18).
  4. The Royal Quest (22:41).
  5. Hyundou King Online (26:21).
  6. Tales of Xillia (30:55).
  7. Apple Conference (34:27).
  8. Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z (42:01).
  9. Metal Gear Solid Sells 33 Million Units & The Legacy Collection (55:35).
  10. New XBOX Reveal Date (59:51).
  11. The Evil Within Details (1:10:54).
  12. No Major Nintendo Conference in E3 2013 (1:29:31).
  13. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn NDA Removal (1:44:41).

Please leave your comments & feedback (Arabic or English) below & stay tuned for the next episode of EG Cast.

Don’t forget to ask our team about the new Final Fantasy XIV (Arabic or English) below.

  • DragonPicnic

    Nice episode! i liked it a lot! But i have a point to mention regarding Nintendo’s games.
    They didn’t just make casual games that sold, they also made really good games fro hardcore fans also.
    When i one says hardcore, it shouldn’t only mean realistic graphics or cinematic cutscenes, or blood and gore… i think it should be related to the gameplay itself. And in that aspect Nintendo (arguably) made one of the hardest platformers in the previous generation: Super Mario Galaxy 2!

    In my opinion, if your looking for hardcore experiences. Nintendo can and excels in delivering one of the hardest gameplay experiences. The names Mario and Zelda don’t mean cheap money-making titles.

    • a7madRyan

      We appreciate your interaction with us
      But the wii had only Nintendo titles that you mentioned as hard core games and they are few, and after finishing them you won’t play with the console because there are no other hardcore games
      And you may wait for a year or more for another good hardcore game like Zelda unlike the ps3 or the Xbox where you get hardcore games every 2-3 months

  • Alkaizer

    well heres my comment :
    *i think the new monster hunter is just for testing the digital ver. of he game, also the PC online games community is the better than console. and later, when next xbox and ps4 get more spread across the world, the console ver. of the mh.

    *heavnnly sword doesnt deserve cg film cause we all know which cg films sells only the kind of toy story ect.

    *i heard fox engine ganna be in PES so it ganna blow.

    *waiting for the kuwaiti game review.

    *its for snk fans…….onry.

    *tales of xillia, played 1st part and finished it, alsi xillia 2, its great, good . impressive? nah i liked graces more. but xillia 2 rocks. و اسمها تالز فوق زيليا مو زلا لوول و مو ملا اسمها ميليا هاها. u need to intreview me guys for rpgs XD

    • a7madRyan

      Thank you for your comment
      And maybe someday it will be more than just an interview !