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FFXIV: A Realm Reborn Is Around The Corner

by on 27/04/2013

BIG NEWS! Behold, the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn will be lifted.

The title is expected to be open for public discussion on Wednesday, May 1st. Though plenty of websites are anticipating the date, the disclosure will still forbid publishing media from alpha and the first two phases of beta, other than the officially released media from the developer.

We’ll publish our first impression of the previous phases of beta after the NDA is lifted, and we will include news about what will be added in the upcoming phase 3 beta.

Our website will be open for public discussion regarding the new reboot of the game and enhancements on its original release. A Q&A session will be there through our comments section and we’ll happily answer your inquiries. We are also aiming to include special coverage in our next podcast (In Arabic). We encourage you guys to ask us down in the comments and promise you to do a separate podcast focused only on FFXIV if we felt your enthusiasm.

And for now, enjoy the previous released trailers:

  • DragonPicnic

    Why can’t square just stay on one type on battle system? i mean i liked the way you fought monsters in FF-X for example, but did not like how other entries in the series were like MMOs more than normal RPGs. So why change each time?
    i would be interested in playing a new final game if it had a more traditional battle system.

    • a7madRyan

      I hope that you will give this game a try and enjoy what the developers will deliver in their upcoming title.

      Stay tuned for our upcoming first impression article about the game soon.

  • Alkaizer

    playing the beta, too great but too easy too. hopefully the main game is challenging